Stone Age Day

There was a surprise for Year 3 when they came to school this morning… we had travelled back in time to the Stone Age! Ben from Past Productions visited us today and we had a Stone Age day! The children learnt more about life in the Stone Age, including hunting, weapons and Stonehenge. We’ve had a brilliant day!

Sorting rocks

In Science this afternoon, the children have been exploring the properties of rocks. We used Venn diagrams to sort them based on their properties.

Ripping, tearing and cutting

In this week’s Art lesson, we practised the skills of ripping, tearing and cutting to prepare us for collage making. We discussed how different skills are more suited to different types of paper and explored this in our learning.


In Maths this morning, the children revisited their learning on Money. We made different amounts using coins and investigated how many different ways we could make an amount with different coins.

Writing in the past tense

This morning, we began our work on writing in the past tense in preparation for our writing about the Stone Age. The children read and sorted sentences into past tense and present tense and then took a closer look at the sentences written in the past tense to discuss the past tense verbs they contain.


In PE this week, the children have started their new Ballet unit. Their focus is Swan Lake and they took inspiration from a clip from the piece and focused on telling a story through expression and creating a mirror image with a partner.

Measuring Length

In today’s Maths lesson, we moved onto measuring length using centimetres and metres. The children explored the classroom and decided which objects they would measure using centimetres, metres or both. We then had a go at measuring objects to the centimetre using rules and even measured a member of the class using metres and centimetres!